At Real Life Medicine we help everybody, but in particular, our passion is women who have tried everything, who have done every diet known to (wo)man, who are almost ready to give up on themselves. They’re our people. They’re our tribe, and we help them by understanding the physiology and…

The cause of obesity is multifactorial and still poorly understood. It is not a simple as an excess of calories. It would be so easy if it was.

Calories in, Calories out-the backbone of the diet industry does not work.

Obesity is a disease of deranged metabolic hormones. …

This morning my darling said to me, “I hope you have a terrible day.” So this is pushback from her. She’s 17. She’s doing year 12. She’s got some demands. And I say demands because I really mean that, not requests.

So I’ve put some boundaries in place for her…

“Everything in moderation” is the catchcry of dieters and non-dieters alike.

We would argue though that this is wrong.

“Everything in balance” is what we at Real Life Medicine believe.

The balance bit is sometimes hard and what we need to learn and practice.

Being overweight means something is not…

Exercise is not the key to weight loss. However, it has an important supporting role and can sometimes be overlooked.

We, humans, are designed to move. Our ancestors moved a lot. …

Following on from a previous blog post on how c alorie counting forms the backbone of the diet industry, I wanted to talk about the quality of calories.

As I mentioned, a calorie is a unit of energy.

Why we use that as a measure of what we need to…

This product is marketed to the busy person who not only doesn’t have time to make breakfast, they don’t have time to eat it!

This in itself is a myth, but we’ll get to that soon.

So the first thing to note is that Sanitarium™️ positions itself as a health…

Each week, we are going expose one of these and break down some of the marketing hype.

This week it’s Milo’s turn

“Since 1934, MILO® has been giving active kids what they need to get the most out of every day!”

But what actually is Milo®️.

It was originally designed as a cheap tonic for children who were malnourished in the depression.

Obviously, Nestle has done a…

At Real Life Medicine, we advocate a Low Carb Real Food Diet. Part of this includes eating healthy, natural (delicious) fats. Not all fats are healthy. In this blog, we discuss how industrial seed oils are neither healthy nor natural.

Seed oils are everywhere! They lurk in virtually every packet…

Emotional eating is the number one reason women fall off the wagon…

and our favourite roadblock to conquer!

You know what though?

Emotional Eating is NOT your fault

Eating is a comfort. It is known physiologically that eating causes the release of dopamine and serotonin which are our feel-good hormones…

Real Life Medicine

Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson are trusted weight loss doctors. They teach how to lose weight and gain health with a low carb real food approach — join today!

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